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  • Mansory porsche panamera 600x331 1365490999

    Mansory gives Porsche Panamera an extra turbo boost

    Posted 2010-06-09
    Swiss tuner Mansory might be the company of their ilk that causes the most attention whenever it decides to rear their sometimes rather ugly head. The all-black carbon fiber take on the Porsche Panamera announced last year was fair enough, but thi...
  • Porsche concepts 1131010338471471600x1060 600x397 1365490834

    Panamera Convertible Back on Track

    Posted 2010-03-18
    With Maserati’s four-seater GranCabrio convertible earning lots of envious looks, the impetus for Porsche to develop a cabriolet version of its Panamera sedan seems to have returned. Industry sites are abuzz with the news that recent patent filin...
  • Gembpan 581x415 custom 1365490574

    Let the Panamera Tuning Begin

    Posted 2009-10-08
    In the old days cars generally had to be around for a while before tuners jumped in to start remaking them. Not any longer. Fresh from the Porsche Panamera's world debut in Shangai and long before deliveries have even begun the mod squad is givin...
  • 911 classic bak big 1365490522

    Porsche 911 Sport Classic

    Posted 2009-09-02
    Now that Wiedeking has finally gotten the boot from Porsche, perhaps focus can shift to building real good-looking cars again instead of this obsession of late with watering down the brand with ugly SUV's and saloons. With the Panamera, Porsche ha...
  • Mistrale sh 573x295 custom 1365490516

    The Gemballa Mistrale Concept, Porsche redefined

    Posted 2009-08-28
    Our friends over at Gemballa recently announced their upcoming Mistrale, their unique take on the Porsche Panamera. Not bad, considering the base model was unveiled back in April of this year. The car has hints of the 911 in the design, like the e...
  • Porsche logo 01 1365490410

    Who Loves Porsche? I do...

    Posted 2009-05-06
    With Porsche taking yet another step away from the sports car scene and into the executive limousine branch, the world of automakers is holding its collective breath. The Cayenne, whatever you may think of it, has so far been a tremendous succes...