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  • Reventon 600x400 1365491125

    World's top 10 most expensive cars - all on James

    Posted 2010-10-06
    How's this for a milestone? One of the earliest feats that we're mighty proud of here at JamesList was when the news spread that we had managed to collect no less than seven out of the twenty produced Lamborghini Reventons (hint: there's eleven of...
  • Dsc 0378 598x399 custom 1365490514

    Gumpert Apollo - Fastest Car on Nürburgring

    Posted 2009-08-20
    Yet again can the world  add a new record time in the books of who cares as the Gumpert Apollo Sport is now the world's fastest production car around the famous green hell, or Nürburgring as it's called in colloquial toungue. Click here if you'd l...