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    JamesEdition at the Geneva Motor Show

    Posted 2017-03-14
    The Geneva Motor Show continues until the 19th of March where our team joined the venue from the 9th to the 10th. We have spoken with a lot of brands, and companies and were even able to sit in some of the newest models on the show. Up next we wou...
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    Tame the beast

    Posted 2015-02-20
    Everyone who has ever been behind the wheels of a car can enjoy the marvels and indescribable sensation you get when driving that perfect strip of tarmac. However, the definition of a perfect road is incredibly vague. It can be the serpentine road...
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    Unique oil sheik Pagani Zonda on James

    Posted 2011-02-14
    We like to consider Horacio Pagani a King Midas of sorts, and this limited edition (in the truest sense of the word) Pagani Zonda, dubbed the UNO, isn't leading us any other conclusions. The second-to-last Zonda has surfaced on JamesList with an e...
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    Unveiled: The Pagani Huayra

    Posted 2011-02-04
    The name sounds like some kind of exotic cockroach and the styling is strictly Battlestar Gallactica, but we have no doubt that canny rogue Horacio Pagani will sell a tonne of Huayras – the new 230 mph supercar he just unveiled, stealing the thund...
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    Mystery Pagani Zonda HH Buyer Revealed

    Posted 2010-09-02
    Earlier this month we told you about the one-off Pagani Zonda HH commissioned by a mysterious American with plenty of cash to burn. The bespoke bruiser has the bodywork of a Zonda F Roadster fitted with the Zonda Cinque’s 7.3 liter V12 680 hp engi...
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    Zonda is the new sheriff in town

    Posted 2010-07-02
    Word's out that JamesList favorite Pagani has dethroned Ferrari has the fastest marque around Nürburgring's "road-based car" track. Their alluring Zonda R soundly beat the old record holder, a 599XX, by 11 seconds -  coming in at 6 minutes and 47 ...
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    Qatari Royals’ One-Off Pagani Zonda Una (video inside)

    Posted 2010-06-14
    The Al Thani family has been ruling Qatar since 1825, so if they want a custom supercar in an emetic shade of turquoise, who’s to argue? Certainly not Pagani, which recently delivered the Sheikhs a one-off Zonda dubbed the Uno for their royal plea...
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    Horacio Pagani Shows Future for Zonda & Latest Car

    Posted 2010-01-25
    The man behind the Herculean Pagani Zonda has described the end of the road for the landmark vehicle and has sketched out the basic tenets of his upcoming supercar. Horacio Pagani revealed that final production numbers for the Zonda will be close ...