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    The 10 fastest Cars in 2017

    Posted 2017-12-07

    We all know there are different indicators of what makes a supercar special. Design, brand, performance and so on. Al...

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    The World's Most Expensive Cars

    Posted 2017-11-16

    Expensive, fast and most of the time with a beautiful but extravagant design. Those are typical indicators for superc...

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    Rallye Germania 2017 Highlights

    Posted 2017-08-17

    From Wednesday, August 8th to Saturday, August 11th a group of car owners and car enthusiasts took part in one of the...

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    Our Top 5 Supercars Of 2017

    Posted 2017-07-13

    High-end car manufacturers are always trying to provide car enthusiasts with new supercars.  For people who love luxu...

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  • 17350894 10211054034400378 425185711 n 1489503497

    JamesEdition at the Geneva Motor Show

    Posted 2017-03-14

    The Geneva Motor Show continues until the 19th of March where our team joined the venue from the 9th to the 10th. We ...

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  • Norge 1424422648

    Tame the beast

    Posted 2015-02-20

    Everyone who has ever been behind the wheels of a car can enjoy the marvels and indescribable sensation you get when ...

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    Unique oil sheik Pagani Zonda on James

    Posted 2011-02-14

    We like to consider Horacio Pagani a King Midas of sorts, and this limited edition (in the truest sense of the word) ...

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  • 02 pagani huayra 600x430 1365491241

    Unveiled: The Pagani Huayra

    Posted 2011-02-04

    The name sounds like some kind of exotic cockroach and the styling is strictly Battlestar Gallactica, but we have no ...

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  • Blue3hh 600x3631 1365491096

    Mystery Pagani Zonda HH Buyer Revealed

    Posted 2010-09-02

    Earlier this month we told you about the one-off Pagani Zonda HH commissioned by a mysterious American with plenty of...

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  • Pagani zonda r 600x375 1365491039

    Zonda is the new sheriff in town

    Posted 2010-07-02

    Word's out that JamesList favorite Pagani has dethroned Ferrari has the fastest marque around Nürburgring's "road-bas...

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  • Zondauno 600x465 1365491002

    Qatari Royals’ One-Off Pagani Zonda U...

    Posted 2010-06-14

    The Al Thani family has been ruling Qatar since 1825, so if they want a custom supercar in an emetic shade of turquoi...

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  • Pagani 1365490756

    Horacio Pagani Shows Future for Zonda...

    Posted 2010-01-25

    The man behind the Herculean Pagani Zonda has described the end of the road for the landmark vehicle and has sketched...

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