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    Our Number One Destination in June: Scandinavia!

    Posted 2017-06-02
    It’s Friday, June 2nd. Which means that we’re already 6 months into 2017. What better way to take your mind off the fact that the year is already almost halfway over, than by visiting one of the best travel destinations of this month - the North o...
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    4 roads which you should drive

    Posted 2017-02-22
    We all know that satisfying feeling when sitting behind the wheel of your perfect car. Felling that you own the street and nothing can stop you to hit the throttle. Of course, the definition of the perfect road is different and not every car match...
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    Tesla Model S Becomes Norways Best-Selling Car

    Posted 2013-10-17
    In contrast to their peers at now defunct Fisker Automotive, the folks at Tesla Motors have been doing a lot of things right, and since the launch of their exciting Model S sedan for the 2012 model year all has been going swimmingly for the Palo A...
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    Want Rebecca Loos' Range Rover Sport? JamesList Can Help You.

    Posted 2009-05-19
    The prolific star of a multitude of British, Spanish and Dutch TV shows is getting rid of her car. Having gotten herself pregnant with a Norwegian doctor and the baby due in July, she has thus moved to Norway to be taken care of.However, Norway is...