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  • Astonmartinzagato1 1464615426

    Aston Martin Unveils Zagato-Bodied Vanquish

    Posted 2016-05-31
    Italian coachbuilder Zagato through the years has been best known for designs that could best be described as quirky and distinctive rather than particularly elegant. Cars like the Alfa Romeo SZ or the Ferrari 575 GTZ that wore Zagato bodies were ...
  • Chiron2 1459248086

    Bugatti’s New, All-Conquering Hypercar: The Chiron

    Posted 2016-03-29
    Soon after VW got the rights to the Bugatti name in 1998, they began showing concept cars and by 2003 had a roadworthy prototype of a new hypercar called the Veyron, named after Bugatti test driver Pierre Veyron. It was quite different in concept ...
  • Missione2 1451389117

    Porsche Makes Plans to Build the Mission E, an All-Electric Performance Sedan

    Posted 2015-12-29
    Back in September, one of the stars of the Frankfurt Motor Show was Porsche’s four-door Mission E. Its pronounced lines and 918-like nose were quite something, but it was the powertrain underneath the bodywork, a pair of electric motors and a floo...
  • Skarmavbild 2015 11 24 kl 1448367727

    The New Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Posted 2015-11-24
    Alfa Romeo’s resurgence has been a gradual one, but with the 4C sports car that appeared last year and the all-new Giulia sedan that has captured the automotive world’s attention this year, the Italian manufacturer has really come out swinging. Th...
  • Cadillacct64 1438065053

    Cadillac to Introduced a Long Wheelbase Flagship Called the CT8 in 2015

    Posted 2015-07-28
    Few automobile manufacturers have seen a bigger resurgence in recent times than Cadillac. Once “The Standard of the World” and builders of some of the biggest, most expensive and most luxurious cars in the world, Cadillac ended the twentieth centu...
  • 2000tvrtuscan 1435305759

    British Sports Car Manufacturer TVR is Back From the Dead

    Posted 2015-06-26
    TVRs were never the all-out fastest cars. They were never the most advanced, nor were they the best looking. They most certainly weren’t the most reliable, either, but TVRs always had personality in spades and they typically offered savage perform...