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  • Logoyear 1365490715

    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 1

    Posted 2010-01-08
    Oh, 2009. Our maiden year proved to be an exciting one, and the world of luxury, despite the financial crisis, kept churning out weird cars, glamorous yachts, top of the line business jets, odd watches and geeky motorcycles. We even caught glimpse...
  • Motoczysz 1365490441

    MotoCzysz E1pc: The World’s First iPhone Superbike

    Posted 2009-06-16
    There are lots of models vying for the "world's fastest electric superbike" title, but Michael Czysz's MotoCzysz E1pc is the first whose instrument panel consists entirely of... an iPhone. We know the iPhone can track location and speed via GPS, a...