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    2009 Watch of the year is up on James

    Posted 2010-02-08
    Remember 2009? Just two months into the new decade and I'm still not used to writing "2010". It's such an ugly number in handwriting, don't you agree? There are more reasons to cherish the year that has passed, especially on the watch front. Just ...
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    Daniel Roth Watches Win Award For Best Ads

    Posted 2009-12-03
    Swiss watch magazine Montres Passion just announced the winner of this year's best watch advertising campaign. The newer accolade by the magazine is meant to recognize effectiveness in watch brand advertising. The winner this year was Daniel Roth,...
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    Vacheron Constantin's Historiques American 1921 wins 2009 Watch of the Year

    Posted 2009-11-01
    I really like Vacheron Constantin. I wouldn't go as far as calling it underrated, but it definitely has the tendency to stand back to its more famous cousins, like Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre. So it is with mixed feelings that I read that ...