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  • New enzo 1365490859

    Ferrari Enzo Gemballa up on JamesList

    Posted 2010-04-09
    You haven't forgotten about Gemballa, have you? Seems unlikely, considering the PR behemoth the Baden-Württemberg tuning firm has grown into during the last few years. Famed for their interpretations of Porsche sports models, they recently looked ...
  • Gemballamig 1365490749

    Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

    Posted 2010-01-21
    When we see an otherwise blameless supercar sporting a coat of blinding white paint and an atrocious interior, we immediately think “Dubai”. Nine times out of ten we’re right on the money, as with Gemballa’s new MIG-U1, a modified-to-death Ferrari...