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    €1,5 million of F1 history on James: Schumacher's first world championship winning car

    Posted 2010-10-17
    In May, Michael Schumacher's privately owned puke-yellow Bugatti EB 110 turned up on James and while it probably would be like driving the automotive equivalent of a never-ending epileptic fit, this week's pick might actually be even less driveabl...
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    Michael Schumacher's Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport on James

    Posted 2010-05-19
    A couple of weeks back, we brought you a Maserati Stradale signed by racing legend Michael Schumacher. Now, as neat as an autographed Maserati is, we always aim to improve JamesList in every way we can and we've by no means kicked back and relaxed...
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    Buy Michael Schumacher's autograph - free Maserati included with purchase!

    Posted 2010-04-30
    Emilia-Romagnese marque Maserati is coming up to its centennial in a few years, and it has been quite a ride. The five founding Maserati brothers shared a passion for racing, a motif apparent throughout much of the company's history. In 2004, the ...
  • Top gear 1365490455

    Top Gear Is Back

    Posted 2009-06-24
    The world's best TV show is back after some months of recording new episodes. As always, the viral world is afloat with rumours about everything from Clarkson's bankruptcy to Hamster's tall operation and if May actually have a small colony of smur...
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    Why I Hate the Ferrari 16M

    Posted 2009-06-02
    Ferrari, a name that evokes all sorts of feelings. Some of them envy, others respect, admiration and lust. The world would indeed be a drearier place had Enzo Ferrari not jumped ship at Alfa Romeo and started his own line of race cars. For Enz...