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    The Grand Tour S01E13

    Posted 2017-02-03
    Past v Future Welcome back to the 13th episode of The Grand Tour: “Past v Future” is released this Friday, the 3rd of February on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from the United Arab Emirates, more specifically, Dubai. Here is a list of a...
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    5 Rare, Historic Automobiles offered at the 2016 Amelia Island Auctions

    Posted 2016-02-23
    Along with Scottsdale and Monterey, Amelia Island is one of the three major auction events for top shelf collector cars in North America. Five auctions are scheduled on the island in Northern Florida in the days leading up to the annual Amelia Isl...
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    The Top 5 New Cars of 2013

    Posted 2013-12-24
    2013 was quite a year for cars as well as the people who love them. Huge anniversary celebrations took place all across the world, auction records were broken at every turn, and lots of promising new technology was either introduced or improved up...
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    Record Sale of Mercedes W196 at Bonham’s Goodwood

    Posted 2013-07-30
    By Andrew NewtonOn Friday, July 12, 2013, the world record sale for an automobile at public auction was shattered at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. Frankly, no one was really surprised. The collector car world was buzzing nonsto...
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    Mercedes-Benz “Pagoda”

    Posted 2013-07-18
    By Andrew Newton By anybody’s standards, 1963 was a big year for the automobile. In that twelve month span, young racing star Bruce McLaren started building his own machines and manufacturing magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to take on Ferra...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo's SLR McLaren on James

    Posted 2011-04-15
    We're big fans of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (along with everything even tangientally related to McLaren) and its sleek, aggressive exterior (our favorite is still the Stirling Moss to be fair, just for sheer ridiculousness). Another thing we e...
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    Get a feel of the Benz SLS AMG boat at Düsseldorf

    Posted 2011-01-18
    One the last year's biggest success stories was the 46-foot speedboat Rider XP from Cigarette, the sleek powerhouse designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz in homage to the marque's SLS AMG. She's the only powerboat available with the all-new...
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    Back to the Future: GWA Tuning Ciento Once

    Posted 2011-01-19
    Mercedes-Benz’s C111 series of experimental supercars from the ‘60s and ’70s mark on the great unfulfilled promises in automotive design. Several of the beautiful prototypes achieved records and undoubtedly paved the way for more marketable Mercs ...
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    Why the 1950s never should have ended

    Posted 2010-11-05
    Let's be honest here: assuming you were a caucasian somewhat affluent male, the 1950s were the best time to live ever. This was especially true if you were fortunate enough to live in a country that kept its pimp hand strong during WWII, making ho...
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    Top 5 armoured rides on James

    Posted 2010-10-30
    All flash and style is not enough to please the our most demanding followers here at JamesList. Whether it be because of ones stature as a goverment official, a warlord, a drug kingpin or simply a very, very adventurous driver (or a combination of...