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    Car auction Week 2017

    Posted 2017-08-22

    For car enthusiasts, the most anticipated week has just ended. The auctions of Mecum, Gooding and Bonhams have just f...

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    Positive outlook for 2017 car market

    Posted 2016-08-22

    The most important auction week of the year has just ended. Sellers and collectors held their breaths in expectation ...

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    Auction Season

    Posted 2016-08-12

    The summer is unfortunately winding down but with the release of inventory details for the upcoming fall auctions we ...

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    10 Classics, Exotics and Racers Up Fo...

    Posted 2016-07-26

    When it comes to the classic car market, Monterey is where the big cars go and it’s where the market’s biggest player...

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