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    World’s Ugliest McLaren – Yours for €2 Million

    Posted 2010-06-24
    So-called “art cars” can be a dicey proposition. So much depends on your definition of art, for one thing, while for another an automobile, now matter how beautifully designed, can be a tricky canvas at the best of times. Certain artistic styles a...
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    21 McLaren F1s Converge at UK HQ

    Posted 2010-05-19
    Only about 100 examples of the glorious McLaren F1 were ever made – some 64 road versions, five McLaren LMs, a few race-spec GTRs and the prototypes – all of them worth their weight in gold to any conscionable collector. One of the first carbon fi...
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    SPS Performance: Supercars from Hong Kong and Japan on James

    Posted 2010-03-19
    SPS Performance of Hong Kong and Kawahara Cars of Tokyo, two of Asia’s leading purveyors of supercars, exotics, one-offs and racers, have listed an incredible collection of vehicles for sale on JamesList. SPS Performance’s has something for every...