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    The Grand Tour S01E05

    Posted 2016-12-16
    Moroccan Roll. Welcome back to the 5th episode of The Grand Tour: Moroccan Roll is released this Friday the 16th of December on Amazon Prime.  This week, the show comes from the Netherlands. They are in Rotterdam, which is a marvellous city, in f...
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    Toyota Meets Maybach in Moscow, Mayhem Ensues [video inside]

    Posted 2010-12-08
    Are the Toyota drivers of the world taking revenge on ultra-luxury vehicles? Is this some sort of Japanese plot to subvert the supercar market? Stranger things have happened. Back in October we reported that a fellow test-driving a Bugatti Veyron ...
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    World's top 10 most expensive cars - all on James

    Posted 2010-10-06
    How's this for a milestone? One of the earliest feats that we're mighty proud of here at JamesList was when the news spread that we had managed to collect no less than seven out of the twenty produced Lamborghini Reventons (hint: there's eleven of...
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    Joseph Stalin's car for sale on JamesList

    Posted 2010-03-26
    One's job as a writer is to get people interested in the story. Get them hooked. Find an angle. Be creative. In advertising circles, there's an age-old test where you give the apprentice an old Bic pen. It is then the student's task to sell you th...
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    Mercedes to Make Maybach Extinct Once More?

    Posted 2010-03-22
    According to reports from the UK, the Maybach marque resurrected by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler in 2002 may soon be consigned to the history books once more. With no new models in the works, lousy sales figures for the current ones, and a depres...
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    Project Kahn Gives Maybach a Makeover

    Posted 2010-02-09
    Ultra-high end British bespoke auto conversion house Project Kahn, having tackled every other luxury marque in existence, have finally turned their attentions on the Maybach. The Project Kahn Maybach 57 is designed to be the ne plus ultra in Europ...
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    Historic Steel Superyacht Madiz for Sale

    Posted 2010-02-08
    The Madiz built in 1902 has a fair claim to being the world’s oldest steel superyacht, having been the first such vessel to be classed with the storied Lloyds Register of Shipping. Built by the Ailsa Shipyard in Troon, Scotland and originally chri...