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  • Official mansory 458 italia siracusa 001 600x386 1365491284

    Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

    Posted 2011-03-23
    The Ferrari 458 Italia gets lean and mean new carbon fibre fittings and an eye-popping paintjob to match in exotic auto tuner extraordinaire Mansory’s new Siracusa. A new apron with optimized air intakes, new aerodynamic bonnet, new side skirts, ...
  • 02mansorymaseratigt 600x334 1365491109

    Mansory Maxes Out the Maserati GranTurismo

    Posted 2010-09-16
    Break out the carbon fibre, boys – Mansory, our favorite over-the-top tuning house from Bavaria, has come out with their latest in a long line of oil sheikh’s wet dreams. Their new re-do of the Maserati GranTurismo is a beast in black and red live...
  • Prestige 600x450 1365491090

    Prestige Cars Abu Dhabi Lists Major Mansorys on James

    Posted 2010-08-25
    Followers of this blog are familiar with the over-the-top creations of German tuning house Mansory, as well as their daunting exclusivity. Some of the all-conquering conveyances, like the carbon fibre Bugatti Veyron Vincero, which runs an extra $1...
  • Mansory porsche panamera 600x331 1365490999

    Mansory gives Porsche Panamera an extra turbo boost

    Posted 2010-06-09
    Swiss tuner Mansory might be the company of their ilk that causes the most attention whenever it decides to rear their sometimes rather ugly head. The all-black carbon fiber take on the Porsche Panamera announced last year was fair enough, but thi...
  • Man 600x450 1365490907

    Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost on JamesList, matching Rolex inside

    Posted 2010-04-24
    In February, we told you about Mansory's take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost that was unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The undoubtedly striking gold and blue color scheme turned a lot of heads at the event and the car gathered almost as much a...
  • Mansorycout 600x415 1365490819

    Mansory Carbon Fibre G-Couture

    Posted 2010-03-09
    Some collaborations between exotic auto tuners and fashion designers go disastrously wrong – yes, we mean you, Mr. Audigier – when the arty types get it into their heads that a Lamborghini might look good with some godawful tattoo nonsense on its ...
  • Mansory rollsroyce ghost 001 600x388 1365490802

    Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost

    Posted 2010-02-25
    Masters of exotic auto tuning Mansory’s supercar projects veer between the understated – viz. their all-black carbon fibre Panameras and Aston Martins – and the abysmal – by which we mean that Pepto Bismol pink “Vitesse Rosé” Bentley they brought ...
  • Logoyear 1365490715

    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 1

    Posted 2010-01-08
    Oh, 2009. Our maiden year proved to be an exciting one, and the world of luxury, despite the financial crisis, kept churning out weird cars, glamorous yachts, top of the line business jets, odd watches and geeky motorcycles. We even caught glimpse...
  • Mansorypan 1365490593

    Mansory Carbon Fibre Porsche Panamera

    Posted 2009-10-22
    The other day we noted that tuners are taking on the new Porsche Panamera as fast as they roll off the assembly line. Not one to miss out on any supercar shenanigans, Mansory has now also turned its attention to the four-door GT as a natural proj...
  • Carbast 1365490541

    Mansory Cyrus Carbon Fibre Aston Martin

    Posted 2009-09-22
    Just when we were about to give up on Mansory after their rosé Bentley abomination, the exotic auto tuner has saved the day somewhat with an infinitely more subtle carbon fibre Aston Martin uncovered in Frankfurt. Dubbed the Cyrus (don't ask us) ...