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  • Dreamship 1365491132

    Sorry, Maltese: New Dream Ship Will Be World’s Largest Super Sailer

    Posted 2010-10-15
    Just as with Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, currently the world’s largest yacht but soon to be eclipsed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s Dubai, the days of the Maltese Falcon’s supremacy amongst sailing superyachts are about to come to an ...
  • Perini355 1365491066

    Perini Navi Building Megayacht to Top Maltese Falcon

    Posted 2010-08-02
    At 289 ft., the amazing Maltese Falcon is the world's largest, best designed, and most expensive sailing yacht – for now. It’s builder Perini Navi is now hard at work on a much larger sailing megayacht, a 335-ft. craft dubbed the C.2157 (above). S...
  • Maltese falcon charter 1 1365490958

    Magnificent Maltese Falcon For Charter

    Posted 2010-05-14
    The magnificent Maltese Falcon, the most expensive, private sailing yacht ever made has been placed on the charter market.Orginally built in 2006 for the American venture capitalist Tom Perkins, the 289-ft beauty was bought last year by Elena Ambr...
  • Logoyear 1365490715

    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 1

    Posted 2010-01-08
    Oh, 2009. Our maiden year proved to be an exciting one, and the world of luxury, despite the financial crisis, kept churning out weird cars, glamorous yachts, top of the line business jets, odd watches and geeky motorcycles. We even caught glimpse...
  • Perini 1365490615

    The final chapter in the tale of the Maltese Falcon

    Posted 2009-10-30
    News is out on who the mysterious buyer of the Maltese Falcon is. The sale of the 289ft hybrid beast of a superyacht has been quite a serial in the luxury world, being closely followed by blogs and newspapers alike. Much like we chronicled the eve...
  • Pc09cb 0938 586x320 custom 1365490533

    Maltese Falcon strikes gold at Perini Navi Cup 2009

    Posted 2009-09-13
    The now-infamous 289ft hybrid beast Maltese Falcon just never seems to drop off the radar. Having turned up on JamesList in May she only recently was reported as sold only a month ago. Now it seems the new owner wasted little time, as the Falcon r...
  • Maltese falcon yacht main 1365490498

    Missing out, or the story of the Maltese Falcon

    Posted 2009-08-12
    If you like to keep abreast of on-going matters in the world of unparalleled luxury and technological feats, the famous Maltese Falcon megayacht has surely not gone you by unnoticed. The marvelous sailing hybrid measuring 289ft has been causing qu...
  • Malteseop 1365490424

    Maltese Falcon for Sale on James

    Posted 2009-05-27
    The world famous Maltese Falcon, the world's largest and most famous sailing yacht, has been listed on James by Perini Navi USA for €99 million. The 88-metre cutter is a masterpiece of technology and design. There are 2,400 square meters of sail o...