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    Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is selling her megamansion in Florida!

    Posted 2018-03-28
    The Swedish model and former wife of the Golf champion Tiger Woods put her house for $ 49,500,000 on the market. This property is a true sensation, it takes full advantage of its oceanfront location, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoor ...
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    The world's most expensive zip codes

    Posted 2018-02-22
    Every city has its best neighborhoods, where everyone wants to live. Most of the time it is the historical center, the financial district or the wealthy suburb. The following neighborhoods are the top of the top areas from all around the world, w...
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    Can businesses save money with private jet charter?

    Posted 2018-02-02
    Hiring a private jet to business meetings sounds like an extravagance. In fact, transporting top executives by private jet charter can be more cost-effective than flying in first class. Air Charter Service (ACS) has the research on how much money...
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    Charter These Private Jets for Sale from London

    Posted 2017-11-28
    The best way to decide which private jet to buy is to take your top choices for a test flight. Browse our private planes for sale to see which plane catches your eye, then book a private jet charter from London with Air Charter Service to see how...
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    Shop Bombardier: The Top Canadian Private Planes for Sale

    Posted 2017-11-17
    Bombardier is behind the most popular Canadian private planes for sale. Book a private jet charter with ACS to see which one is right for you. A Bombardier ready for boarding on a beautiful dayBased in Montreal, Bombardier is the brand behind thr...
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    When looking for Private Jets for Sale, Charter a Plane

    Posted 2017-10-24
    See a plane you like on JamesEdition? Book a private jet charter with Air Charter Service to discover your ideal aircraft before you buy. Before You Buy a Plane, Book a Private Jet Charter to See How it Flies When looking for Private Jets for S...
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    Jewelry Trend Forecast by Trendvision

    Posted 2017-10-12
    Sometimes, trends are created overnight. But there is also extensive research happening in order to be able to predict what is going to be ‘in fashion’ during the upcoming seasons, providing jewelers, buyers and consumers with valuable insight. Fo...
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    London’s Finest Luxury Dining Experiences

    Posted 2017-08-30
    London is one of the world’s pivotal locations that offers a generous variety of cuisines and fine dining experiences. Hidden gems of delicatessens lace the elegant stone carved streets of the city, and plush apartment spaces double up as comforta...
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    The Art of Watches in New York

    Posted 2017-07-17
    110 East 42nd Street, New York, NYFor 6 more days, the iconic Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe will be taking over New York's Cipriani 42nd Street location with a 2-story pop-up museum. The temporary museum is supposed to educate the public about...
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    The fastest SUV

    Posted 2017-03-07
    These days, it seems like you can’t be a serious carmaker anymore without having an SUV in the lineup, and the past few years have seen the upper tier carmakers joining Porsche, BMW, Volvo and others by coming out with their own high-performance l...