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    Four High-Performance Cars You Can Still Get With a Manual Gearbox

    Posted 2016-04-26
    There’s nothing quite like rowing through the gears while driving quickly, cracking off a heel-and-toe downshift right before diving into a corner, and slotting the shifter into top gear at high speed. It connects driver and car in ways that cars ...
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    Lotus Takes a Short Break From US Market

    Posted 2014-10-08
    Lotus is a household name in the world of performance cars and racing, but over the last couple of weeks it has seemed like the first time in several years since much attention was paid to the small British company. They haven’t put anything new i...
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    Millionaire Spends £1M Building Electric Supercar

    Posted 2011-02-07
    Dale Vince, OBE, a British millionaire who amassed his wealth in green energy, has spent a total of £1 million building Nemesis, Britain’s first road-going, all-electric supercar.The 330bhp vehicle can accelerate from 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds and i...
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    Lotus Unveils the Exos Type 125

    Posted 2010-08-16
    For $1 million Lotus is offering gentleman racers the shot at the ultimate in automotive thrill-seeking. Just unveiled at the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion in California, the Exos Type 125 is a Formula 1-inspired track car pairing F1 design and...
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    Robb Report Releases 22nd Annual Best of Best

    Posted 2010-06-27
    The Robb Report, which is the definitive source for all things luxe (aside from James Spotting, of course), just released its Best of the Best for the 22nd year running. Like just about any list of this sort, there are some surprises, some no-brai...
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    Lotus Releases New Teaser Images

    Posted 2010-06-25
    Are you a fan of Lotus sports cars? If so, you ought to be proud–the small but mighty British carmaker has recently announced that it is launching a new car, but details are still hazy. It could merely be a new model of Evora or Esprit, but inform...
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    James' pick: Blue and yellow Donkervoort Batmobile

    Posted 2010-05-19
    Whenever we bring up something Dutch on James Spotting it's more often than not a boat of some sort. Indeed, for a relatively small country, the Netherlands have produced an outstanding number of eye-catching (and mouth-watering) vessels - Wajer a...
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    JamesList Exclusive: SCUBACRAFT and the rise of personal submarines

    Posted 2009-10-28
    JamesList was envisioned as a platform where dealers and manufacturers could meet and put up those things that make life worth living for sale. Those exquisite, expensive and alluring things that people with money to spend are interested in. Not b...
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    2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260

    Posted 2009-09-01
    Unless you've got an autobahn handy, the so-called "track car for the street" seems designed to net little other than speeding tickets and gas pedal frustration, but that doesn't stop people from salivating over them just the same. The latest obje...