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    In Memory of Sir Roger Moore

    Posted 2017-05-24

    The British actor Roger Moore passed away yesterday. He spent 12 years of his life playing the role of the one and on...

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    Grand Prix de Monaco 2017

    Posted 2017-05-24

    Almost a century after the first ever documented car race, the first Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco took place in Mon...

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    The world’s best police supercars on ...

    Posted 2017-05-12

    For a criminal there is sometimes no point in engaging in a chase, because some law enforcements have special tricks ...

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  • Aston martin vantage gt 1461660819

    Four High-Performance Cars You Can St...

    Posted 2016-04-26

    There’s nothing quite like rowing through the gears while driving quickly, cracking off a heel-and-toe downshift righ...

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  • Lotus elise 1412756097

    Lotus Takes a Short Break From US Market

    Posted 2014-10-08

    Lotus is a household name in the world of performance cars and racing, but over the last couple of weeks it has seeme...

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  • Vince 600x323 1365491243

    Millionaire Spends £1M Building Elect...

    Posted 2011-02-07

    Dale Vince, OBE, a British millionaire who amassed his wealth in green energy, has spent a total of £1 million buildi...

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  • Lotusexos 600x450 1365491084

    Lotus Unveils the Exos Type 125

    Posted 2010-08-16

    For $1 million Lotus is offering gentleman racers the shot at the ultimate in automotive thrill-seeking. Just unveile...

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  • 139903 468x550 1365491032

    Robb Report Releases 22nd Annual Best...

    Posted 2010-06-27

    The Robb Report, which is the definitive source for all things luxe (aside from James Spotting, of course), just rele...

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  • 2011 lotus elise facelift 2 600x399 1365491031

    Lotus Releases New Teaser Images

    Posted 2010-06-25

    Are you a fan of Lotus sports cars? If so, you ought to be proud–the small but mighty British carmaker has recently a...

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  • Dk 600x348 1365490962

    James' pick: Blue and yellow Donkervo...

    Posted 2010-05-19

    Whenever we bring up something Dutch on James Spotting it's more often than not a boat of some sort. Indeed, for a re...

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  • Sc6 1365490612

    JamesList Exclusive: SCUBACRAFT and t...

    Posted 2009-10-28

    JamesList was envisioned as a platform where dealers and manufacturers could meet and put up those things that make l...

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  • Lotus 583x388 custom 1365490517

    2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260

    Posted 2009-09-01

    Unless you've got an autobahn handy, the so-called "track car for the street" seems designed to net little other than...

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