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    British Billionaire Buys Right to Dock His Yacht in Heart of London

    Posted 2011-10-12
    Billionaire British mogul Joe Lewis is one of those unassuming-looking types who wields enormous clout while appearing to be a nonentity. That way, of course, you never see him coming. The Tottenham Hotspurs owner has been making headlines in the...
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    Sunday Specialist Interest: LHD London Taxi Cab

    Posted 2011-04-10
    We're all about Lambos and Bentleys here on JamesList, but that doesn't mean that we don't have the time or space in our hearts and minds to feature certain items that are more... quirky and off-beat, but in a very charming way. Recently joining o...
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    Graham Silverstone Time Zone Watch

    Posted 2010-11-25
    Most every good watch brand needs a solid good GMT in their collection. Rolex taught us that a long time ago. It can often take years of experimentation to get it right. Graham London is on their way. They aren't 100% there yet, but the Silverston...