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    Brothel Prince Invades Monaco

    Posted 2011-01-07
    It’s been more than a year since we last looked in on Germany’s Prinz Marcus von Anhalt, the egregious brothel magnate and faux-aristocrat who drives around in a fleet of luxury cars including a custom Louis Vuitton Rolls-Royce. Born plain old Mar...
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    Largest J-Class Ever Built on James

    Posted 2010-11-08
    The amazing 43-metre Lionheart, the largest J-Class yacht ever built (which we previewed back in July), has just been listed for sale on JamesList at €14.9 million. No expense has been spared to ensure that the sleek craft is equally adept at crui...
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    Largest J-Class Yacht Ever Built for Sale

    Posted 2010-07-09
    Among classic yacht enthusiasts the J-Class is legendary. The hallowed moniker denotes the large sailing yachts designed between 1930 – 1937 for the wealthy yachtsmen who raced them in the America’s Cup. The J-Class designation was an evolution of...