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    The "Retrodster", custom Hot Rod by Knud Tiroch.

    Posted 2009-08-11
    Austrian design virtuoso and serious petrol head Knud Tiroch has long been one of the forerunners in European Hot Rodding. He is, among other things responsible for the Toro Rosso F1 design, and is here presenting his ultimate Hot Rod, the "Retror...
  • F430 calavera 51 597x423 custom 1365490471

    Ferrari F430 “Calavera” for sale on James

    Posted 2009-07-13
    The first effort from Bavarian design house Unique Sportcars (what an inventive name for a tuning company) is for sale on JamesList. The Calavera (Spanish for “skull”, a trade name for futuristic super cars) began as a Ferrari F430. With the help ...