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  • Mercedes 300sl gullwing and sls amg 600x398 1365491252

    125 Years of Mercedes-Benz on James

    Posted 2011-02-14
    125 years ago Carl Benz had the crazy idea of getting rid of the horse that pulled his carriage. Actually he’d thought of it long before then but in 1886 he actually filed a patent for the damn thing. They all laughed at kooky Carl and his three-w...
  • Ccgirl 600x450 1365491235

    James joins forces with ClassicCars.com

    Posted 2011-01-25
    In our ongoing effort to reach every corner of the globe not yet touched by the Jesus-like light of James, we're excited to announce our latest collaborative effort with Arizona-based ClassicCars.com, the go-to guys for pre-1990s classics, more am...
  • Reventon 600x400 1365491125

    World's top 10 most expensive cars - all on James

    Posted 2010-10-06
    How's this for a milestone? One of the earliest feats that we're mighty proud of here at JamesList was when the news spread that we had managed to collect no less than seven out of the twenty produced Lamborghini Reventons (hint: there's eleven of...
  • Rob 1365490831

    Luxury leader Rob Hersov joins JamesList advisory board

    Posted 2010-03-17
    And now for something completely different.As some of you might already have read in multiple news outlets, JamesList has appointed none other than Rob Hersov as the chairman of our new advisory board. The group consists of leading figures from th...