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    The Watches Of James Bond

    Posted 2017-03-13
    The Baselworld is just around the corner and every watch lover is eagerly awaiting the new models to be released. Before we are presenting the newest models, we would like to take a look in the past. Our name twin is famous and admired for his goo...
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    Top Marques 2016

    Posted 2016-04-11
    The country of Monaco is well known for being the place to be for any wealthy person looking to expand their portfolio whether it is via new business connections or acquiring the newest and hottest supercar. Once every year this splendid place kic...
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    DARTZ bidding for James Bond exposure

    Posted 2011-01-13
    Your achievements will never be greater than your ambitions, right?It seems that MGM has somewhat sorted some of the financial trouble the studio has been having, with news that production of the 23rd James Bond film commencing late this year, wit...
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    Extraordinary tropical 1959 Rolex Submariner on James

    Posted 2010-12-05
    Vintage Rolex Submariners are a dime a dozen and hardly something difficult to stumble over. More often than not, they're a really good deal: we'd gladly drop €5k on a ref 5513 any day. However, there's vintage Subs and then there's vintage Subs. ...
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    Pussy Galore’s Heli Lands in London RM Sale

    Posted 2010-10-18
    Back in June we told you that the iconic 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger was being out on the block at RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London sale on Oct. 27. Now a couple vehicles owned by famed Bond foils are...
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    Rare James Bond Rolex on Offer in Miami

    Posted 2010-10-04
    The holy grail for both James Bond fans and Rolex aficionados, an actual Rolex chronograph worn by the famed secret agent in one of the movies, is being offered for sale in Miami. The watch is something of a rarity, not to mention a beauty, in its...
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    Ian Fleming’s Wheels on Offer at Bonhams

    Posted 2010-09-21
    Dashing British author Ian Fleming created James Bond in his own image. The Eton-educated son of a British MP, he was officer of the British Naval Intelligence Division in WWII. A man of discerning tastes, he preferred quiet elegance to outright o...
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    Drive Like 007 in Bond’s ’64 DB5

    Posted 2010-06-02
    It’s the most famous movie car on the planet, an icon of masculine cool, and one of the most stylish set of wheels ever assembled – and it’s been sitting in some clown’s garage in Philadelphia for the past 41 years. James Bond’s Aston Martin, the ...
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    If it's good enough for Bond...

    Posted 2010-02-07
    The James Bond movies have always featured heavy product placement in one way or the other. Nothing wrong with that (especially considering how much it revitalized Omega back in the day) per se, but there's tasteful advertising and then there's......
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    JamesList Exclusive: SCUBACRAFT and the rise of personal submarines

    Posted 2009-10-28
    JamesList was envisioned as a platform where dealers and manufacturers could meet and put up those things that make life worth living for sale. Those exquisite, expensive and alluring things that people with money to spend are interested in. Not b...