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  • Hysek abyss 1365491194

    Hysek Abyss Tourbillon Automatic Watch

    Posted 2010-12-16
    Hysek watches cause my curiosity to soar. The big question for me is, "who are they making watches for?" The orginal Jorg Hysek designs that the brand now focuses on are being transformed with more and more complex technical faces. The new Abyss T...
  • Hysek jumpinghour 1365490820

    Hysek IO Jumping Hour Watch

    Posted 2010-03-11
    My opinion on this watch is still up in the air. While it has a lot of good design elements, I wonder if it is not enough to live up to the Hysek name. In a nutshell, you have a jumping hour and jumping minute style watch with an AM/PM indicator. ...