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    Superfast 9ff GT9-R Prototype for Sale on James

    Posted 2010-03-15
    German Porsche tuner’s wicked 9ff GT9-R based on the Porsche 911 Turbo is a top contender for the “world’s fastest car” title. With only 20 examples being built for collectors worldwide it also ranks among the most exclusive vehicles on the planet...
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    The New 9ff GT9-R Crowned The Quickest Car on the Road

    Posted 2009-12-19
    The tuners at 9ff have taken a Porsche 911 and created the GT9-R. It is Olympian. They’ve saddled it with 1120 horsepower and strapped this muscle to a ballerina’s body. This means you can accelerate up to a phenomenal 257mph (414km/h). It must be...