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    Our top 4 summer locations in Europe

    Posted 2017-05-18
    Spring is almost over and therefore, summer is not anymore a wish but reality. With the vacation and traveling season coming up, everyone has the same issue. Where should we go for summer holidays? With a resident in the south of Europe, this ques...
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    Greece is the Word: Ancient Islands Await

    Posted 2015-05-26
    Beauty, beaches and the birth of civilization.  It’s no wonder Greece has inspired mankind since, well, ancient civilization. Find yourself on a Greek island beach kissed by the azure waters of the Aegean or Ionian seas and you’re bound to tap in...
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    Unique Travel Experiences

    Posted 2013-06-25
    JamesEdition partner promotion Emily Carlsson is the owner and founder of Carlsson Portfolio, a private travel and leisure consulting agency specialising in most exclusive properties and experiences in the Greek and African luxury travel market...