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  • Chronofighter oversize diver 2oveb 1365491393

    Graham Chronofighter Oversize Diver Watch

    Posted 2011-07-07
    A cool watch from Graham (yet again), it once again suffers from a term in my library of pet peeve words - "oversize." This word cannot apply because by definition it means you cannot wear it, and I don't think that is the message Graham wants to ...
  • Graham silverstone gmt 1 1365491175

    Graham Silverstone Time Zone Watch

    Posted 2010-11-25
    Most every good watch brand needs a solid good GMT in their collection. Rolex taught us that a long time ago. It can often take years of experimentation to get it right. Graham London is on their way. They aren't 100% there yet, but the Silverston...
  • Grahamred 1365491027

    Graham Silverstone Stowe GMT Red & Green Watches

    Posted 2010-06-24
    Graham finally does a racing themed watch right. Usually a variation of the Chronofighter, their previous racing themed watches just felt a bit off. This isn't the first Graham watch made for the Silverstone Stowe race in England, but a much bette...