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    Ghost Yachts G180 for Sale on James

    Posted 2010-11-24
    Back in January we reported on the sleek 55-metre G180 superyacht from Holland’s Ghost Yachts, created in collaboration with Stefano Carugno of Gloss Design, known for its automotive and industrial expertise. Ghost’s Bjorn Moonen specified an inno...
  • Goldghost 600x397 1365491131

    More Than The Most: Fenice Gold Ghost

    Posted 2010-10-14
    As ultra-luxury sedans go, a Rolls-Royce pretty much tops out the ostentation scale. That still leaves some folks craving an extra helping of bling to make sure the message gets across loud and clear: “I’m richer than youse.” Enter operatic Italia...
  • Man 600x450 1365490907

    Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost on JamesList, matching Rolex inside

    Posted 2010-04-24
    In February, we told you about Mansory's take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost that was unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The undoubtedly striking gold and blue color scheme turned a lot of heads at the event and the car gathered almost as much a...
  • Mansory rollsroyce ghost 001 600x388 1365490802

    Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost

    Posted 2010-02-25
    Masters of exotic auto tuning Mansory’s supercar projects veer between the understated – viz. their all-black carbon fibre Panameras and Aston Martins – and the abysmal – by which we mean that Pepto Bismol pink “Vitesse Rosé” Bentley they brought ...
  • Deutscheghost 1365490662

    Rolls-Royce Ghost "Numero Uno" by Deutsche Manufaktur for Sale on James

    Posted 2009-12-01
    The new Ghost EX200 may be billed as the “baby” Rolls-Royce but that doesn’t mean it can’t be kicked up a notch. The first super-tuned version of the new luxury mobile, dubbed the “Numero Uno” from German exotic tweaker Deutsche Manufaktur is now ...