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  • New enzo 1365490859

    Ferrari Enzo Gemballa up on JamesList

    Posted 2010-04-09
    You haven't forgotten about Gemballa, have you? Seems unlikely, considering the PR behemoth the Baden-Württemberg tuning firm has grown into during the last few years. Famed for their interpretations of Porsche sports models, they recently looked ...
  • Gemballamig 1365490749

    Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

    Posted 2010-01-21
    When we see an otherwise blameless supercar sporting a coat of blinding white paint and an atrocious interior, we immediately think “Dubai”. Nine times out of ten we’re right on the money, as with Gemballa’s new MIG-U1, a modified-to-death Ferrari...
  • Gembpan 581x415 custom 1365490574

    Let the Panamera Tuning Begin

    Posted 2009-10-08
    In the old days cars generally had to be around for a while before tuners jumped in to start remaking them. Not any longer. Fresh from the Porsche Panamera's world debut in Shangai and long before deliveries have even begun the mod squad is givin...
  • Mistrale sh 573x295 custom 1365490516

    The Gemballa Mistrale Concept, Porsche redefined

    Posted 2009-08-28
    Our friends over at Gemballa recently announced their upcoming Mistrale, their unique take on the Porsche Panamera. Not bad, considering the base model was unveiled back in April of this year. The car has hints of the 911 in the design, like the e...