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  • Gallardo9 1385719053

    Lamborghini Gallardo Production Ends After Ten Years

    Posted 2013-11-29
    At the Geneva Motor Show in 2003, Lamborghini celebrated their 40th anniversary by revealing the next “Baby Lambo”, called the Gallardo. Now, at the close of the company’s 50th, the last Gallardo has left the production line at Sant’Agata Bolognes...
  • Vale 600x394 1365491105

    Valentino Balboni Lambos galore - autographed example inside

    Posted 2010-09-08
    When the news of the Lamborghini LP550-2 Valentino Balboni dropped last summer it quickly became the talk of the town, an impressive feat for what essentially was many felt was a budget version of the LP560-4. Luckily, those of you in the know und...
  • Italian police lamborghini 1365490677

    Italian police force showing off their driving proficiency

    Posted 2009-12-03
     The few times that I've been in the backseat of a car on some autostrada in Italy have, without exceptions, been near-death experiences. Other than that everyone seems to be treat speed limits as some sort of personal challenge designed to be bro...
  • 2011 mclaren mp4 12c front side view 588x374 1365490576

    McLaren MP4-12C - Just Good Enough?

    Posted 2009-10-08
    Probably the most anticipated supercar launch of the last 15 years has failed to move me like it should have. High expecatations is not nearly enough to describe my thoughts on McLaren's latest foray into street car territory where their first mod...