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    Franc Vila FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez Watch For F1 Racer

    Posted 2010-10-14
    Watch maker Franc Vila has announced their official sponsorship of young Mexican F1 diver Sergio Perez. While Hublot is the official timepiece maker of F1, that does not prevent other brands from sponsoring specific drivers. In this case, the watc...
  • Franc vila fv evos 8 cobra estrella roja 1365491062

    Franc Vila FV EVOS 8 Cobra Estrella Roja Watch

    Posted 2010-07-29
    Franc Vila is from Spain so it makes sense for him to release a limited edition watch in honor of Spain's World Cup victory. In fact, Spain has been winning top spots in sever major sports categories such as soccer, tennis, and motorcycle racing. ...
  • Franc vila fvt28 watches 1365490694

    Franc Vila Jumping Hours Automatique Ivy Edition Watches

    Posted 2009-12-17
    Modern watch maker Franc Vila presents a new type of women's watch that combines traditional feminine timepiece looks with the fresh technical style that makes Frank Vila watches so unique. Called the Jumping Hours FVt28 Automatique Ivy Edition, t...
  • Franc villa fva15 column regulator automatic watch 1365490485

    Franc Vila Fva15 Column Regulator Automatic Watch

    Posted 2009-07-28
    Meteorite and tire tread. No not something you'll find (only) on a vehicle running over valuable stuff in the African desert (where meteorite stones are often found), but also here on this new Fva15 Column Regulator Automatic watch by Franc Vila. ...