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  • Oil cap1 1365490638

    Summary Day 3 - Gran Turismo Classico Grande Finale

    Posted 2009-11-16
    10:00 - Hear the mechanic's plea! After 2 hours of sleep, the mechanics were back on track with everyone wanting a piece of them for the final stretch to Stockholm. We managed to get them to replace our oil cap with a shining new one. They also re...
  • Fiat 126p katarzyna interior 1365490637

    Summary Day 2 - Gran Turismo Classico

    Posted 2009-11-15
    It feels good to be in bed but I must say Katarzyna behaves way over expectations. I imagined doing 80-90 km/h tops and writhing in pain from back ache due to piss poor seats. Nope, the car easily does 120 km/h and the seats are really comfy.The m...
  • Oil cap 1365490638

    Update - Gran Turismo Classico, Day 2

    Posted 2009-11-15
    14:00 - Took the short road to Rostock instead of going via Puttgarden. While waiting for the ferry I decided to check the oil level and I notice that our oil cap is missing. Luckily we still have plenty of oil in the engine but had to construct a...
  • Fiat 126p katarzyna fri 13 cheating 1365490635

    Summary of First Day With Katarzyna - Gran Turismo Classico

    Posted 2009-11-13
    10:00 - Some of our competition mounting two 20 litre jerrycans in the backseat of his car for longer fuel range. Due to lack of regulations in the rally, some have taken it upon themselves to modify their cars beyond recognition. I am hoping this...
  • Fiat 126p lobby andersia jl 1365490634

    It's On! The Start of Gran Turismo Classico

    Posted 2009-11-13
    15.30 - Upon arrival at the hotel, this yellow thing greeted us, complete with stickers and all. I will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning to lay my hands on my car.The evening is full of anticipation. Theories afloat about everything ...
  • Fiat 126p 1365490628

    Gran Turismo Classico - the Polish Gumball!

    Posted 2009-11-10
    Let's file this under the category of exotics and pretend that this is a luxury item, pastime or some such thing. In three days time, Friday November 13th, a most awkward looking convoy of small Polish Fiats -yes Polish, they built them under lice...