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    The Grand Tour S01E11

    Posted 2017-01-24
    Italian Lessons. Welcome back to the 11th episode of The Grand Tour: Italian Lessons was released last Friday, the 20th of January on Amazon Prime. This week, the show came from the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. Here is a list of all the cars ...
  • D type 1424702657

    The Amelia Island Auctions 2015- 6 Cars to Watch

    Posted 2015-02-23
    The 2015 auction season has gotten off to a huge start. Closely following the sales in Scottsdale during January, Mecum’s gargantuan auction Kissimmee, Florida brought out over 2,500 cars and brought almost $66.5 million in total sales. Later in F...
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    Diamond and gold encrusted iPad Fiat 500c by Fenice Milano

    Posted 2011-01-19
    Last fall, we told you about Fenice Milano's larger than life cream white take on the ever-popular hot hatch classic, Fiat 500, dubbed La Dolce Vita. The model apparently caught the attention of an as-of-yet unnamed wealthy Chinese business who wa...
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    Jacked-up Fiat 500 pays tribute to classic Monza race track

    Posted 2010-11-06
    Our new-found love for the Fiat 500 just keeps growing and growing. Last time, it was the gold-laden La Dolce Vita that turned our heads and this time around we've found an equally exciting, if less outlandish, take on the hot hatch classic. The M...
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    La Dolce Vita Fiat 500 by Fenice Milano on James

    Posted 2010-10-03
    The Fiat 500 is quickly climbing our list of most fun per square inch money can buy. Last week, we told you about the much publicized "Tributo Ferrari", the appetizing cooperative effort from Abarth and Ferrari released last year as the 2011 model...
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    Abarth 695 "Tributo Ferrari" Fiat 500 on James

    Posted 2010-09-29
    Even if it's not a powerhouse by most standards, the Fiat 500 is an alluring little jewel, the subject of countless special editions and an eye-catching competitor for the hearts and minds of people like me who are easily charmed by hot hatches. T...
  • Sacs 576x282 custom 1365490509

    SACS Powershore Abarth SP

    Posted 2009-08-27
    Fiat's recently resuscitated performance division Abarth has partnered with Yamaha (whose MotoGP racing team it sponsors and with which it has already turned out a special edition Yamaha FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse superbike) and shipyard SACS Marin...