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    Mauro Lecchi DIAMOND 44 for Sale on James

    Posted 2011-03-11
    The awe-inspiring team of Italian yachtbuilder Mauro Lecchi and exotic auto customizer Fenice Milano has already resulted in one eye-popping superyacht inspired by a Lamborghini. Now the dynamic duo are offering for sale a slightly more subtle, an...
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    Lambo-flavored Mauro Lecchi superyacht on James

    Posted 2011-02-08
    Last spring, we covered the Mauro Lecchi-designed Lambo style yacht concept that had hit the news stands. Currently in construction, Fenice Milano has brought the 15 meter kevlar/carbon fiber beast onto JamesList. Why? Turns out that FM, who last ...
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    Diamond and gold encrusted iPad Fiat 500c by Fenice Milano

    Posted 2011-01-19
    Last fall, we told you about Fenice Milano's larger than life cream white take on the ever-popular hot hatch classic, Fiat 500, dubbed La Dolce Vita. The model apparently caught the attention of an as-of-yet unnamed wealthy Chinese business who wa...
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    More Than The Most: Fenice Gold Ghost

    Posted 2010-10-14
    As ultra-luxury sedans go, a Rolls-Royce pretty much tops out the ostentation scale. That still leaves some folks craving an extra helping of bling to make sure the message gets across loud and clear: “I’m richer than youse.” Enter operatic Italia...
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    La Dolce Vita Fiat 500 by Fenice Milano on James

    Posted 2010-10-03
    The Fiat 500 is quickly climbing our list of most fun per square inch money can buy. Last week, we told you about the much publicized "Tributo Ferrari", the appetizing cooperative effort from Abarth and Ferrari released last year as the 2011 model...