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  • Dlc2 1365491227

    Spicing up the new Rolex Explorer

    Posted 2011-01-16
    We weren't overly optimistic of Rolex's showing at last year's BaselWorld (to be fair, how could we? Rolex is constantly criticized for being too conservative and when they try to innovate, they get ripped for not staying "true". Poor fools.), eve...
  • Hillaryexpop 1365491188

    Ltd. Edition Custom Hillary Tenzing Rolex Explorer

    Posted 2010-12-03
    Didn’t get your hands on any of Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolexes that we told you about were coming up for auction in Geneva recently? Not to worry, there’s a new limited edition Rolex Explorer due out in a few months that pays tribute to the great co...
  • Expl 1365491129

    Auction Spotlight: The Explorer’s Rolex Explorers

    Posted 2010-10-02
    As sport watches go the Rolex Explorer is one of the greats. Classic models are particularly appealing, and even better from a collector’s point of view fairly well-priced compared to pre-Daytonas and such. Now renowned auction house Antiquorum is...
  • Sub 1365491101

    The all-new Steel Submariner - only new Rolex worth buying on James?

    Posted 2010-09-04
    Being a tool watch kind of guy, I like my watches to have the bare minimum of design elements and features to do the job the timepiece is designed to do. That's why I've always prefered the no-date Submariners: why would you need a date when you'r...