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    Montezemolo’s Revenge: Rendered New Enzo

    Posted 2010-09-24
    In the latest installment in the ongoing saga of the much-ballyhooed Enzo successor, dubbed the F70, Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has hinted that it could in fact be a hybrid. Speculation is that the new “hypercar”, due to debut in...
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    Ferrari Chief Reveals Details on Enzo Successor

    Posted 2010-05-17
    Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa has revealed further details of the much-discussed successor to the Enzo, tentatively dubbed the F70. In an interview with the UK’s Autocar, Felisa noted that while the marque is holding back on widespread use of carbon f...
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    Ferrari Enzo Gemballa up on JamesList

    Posted 2010-04-09
    You haven't forgotten about Gemballa, have you? Seems unlikely, considering the PR behemoth the Baden-Württemberg tuning firm has grown into during the last few years. Famed for their interpretations of Porsche sports models, they recently looked ...
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    Going for the Gold

    Posted 2010-03-02
    When it comes to Ferraris most people are content to let the contours speak for themselves. Occasionally someone sees fit to coat them in camouflage or give the interior a makeover in alligator or even distressed denim – hello Lapo Elkann – but th...
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    Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

    Posted 2010-01-21
    When we see an otherwise blameless supercar sporting a coat of blinding white paint and an atrocious interior, we immediately think “Dubai”. Nine times out of ten we’re right on the money, as with Gemballa’s new MIG-U1, a modified-to-death Ferrari...
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    EDO Competition Ferrari Enzo XX

    Posted 2009-09-08
    German supercar tuning house EDO Competition has popped up here in the past thanks to artful takes on the Bentley GT Speed and Ferrari California. They've also seen fit to kick the Maserati MC12 up to 231 mph. Now the firm's making another pass a...
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    Why I Hate the Ferrari 16M

    Posted 2009-06-02
    Ferrari, a name that evokes all sorts of feelings. Some of them envy, others respect, admiration and lust. The world would indeed be a drearier place had Enzo Ferrari not jumped ship at Alfa Romeo and started his own line of race cars. For Enz...
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    How To Spoil A Car

    Posted 2009-05-26
    There is a reason this solution is called a pop-up spoiler. A compromise between the designer and the aerodynamicist so that the car can keep its sleek lines while still retaining safety and control at speed. However, there are idiots everywhere...