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  • Dj2 1365491298

    Kindler & Thorpe: a different take on watch customization

    Posted 2011-04-01
    We're all about everything custom on James - to the point of it being its own item category - and watches are no exception. Whether it be custom dials, one-off editions, hand made beauties, the occasional diamond encrusted monstrosity and the ever...
  • Chronoswiss zeitzeichen v watch 1365490478

    Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen V By Benzinger Engraved Watch

    Posted 2009-07-21
    Call me old fashioned but I love watches like that are classic from a mechanical and decorative standpoint. High marks to Chronoswiss for partnering (I think once again) with master metal engraver Benzinger to create this new Zeitzeichen V watch. ...