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    When looking for Private Jets for Sale, Charter a Plane

    Posted 2017-10-24
    See a plane you like on JamesEdition? Book a private jet charter with Air Charter Service to discover your ideal aircraft before you buy. Before You Buy a Plane, Book a Private Jet Charter to See How it Flies When looking for Private Jets for S...
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    Private Travel – Top Light Jets

    Posted 2013-12-24
    Most travelers who have made the leap agree; if time well spent is important to you, then it's time to invest in private jet travel. When Canadian software tycoon Jim Perchaluk explains his experience flying privately, it becomes evident that some...
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    Top 5 Jets for Business Travel

    Posted 2013-11-05
    As I sat down for a chat with executives from some of the top aircraft manufacturers, brokerage firms and charter companies, one thing that really became clear is that regardless of what type of client they represented or how large a budget they h...
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    Help Me, Zonda: The New Brazilian Bombshell

    Posted 2010-06-01
    Brazil’s Embraer builds some of the of the world’s finest private jets, so why shouldn’t the country get in on the high-end yachting market as well? Enter Zonda, the Brazilian answer to the likes of Riva and Frauscher. Focusing on clean, ultra-mod...
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    BMW Designing Embraer Jet Interiors

    Posted 2010-04-23
    BMW used to be as synonymous with planes as automobiles and now the brand is resurrecting its past with Embraer. They have announced that they will design interiors for two aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer.Specifically, BMW Group Designwor...
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    Embraer Readies Legacy 650 for Takeoff

    Posted 2010-03-03
    Got €21 million burning a hole in your Dockers? Not to worry son – slap it down on Embraer’s new Legacy 650, which the Brazilian executive jet builder will commence deliveries on later this year. The jazzed-up version of the popular Legacy 600...