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  • Zenith el primero pilot 1 1365491408

    Zenith El Primero Lefty Piece Unique Watches

    Posted 2011-07-28
    A pair of watches this nice begs the question, "why did Zenith only make one of each?" I don't really know the answer to that, but anticipate if they are well-received Zenith will make more (that are similar but not exactly the same). This duo of ...
  • Fred watches 1365491135

    Fred Gladiateur Collector Timepiece: Nice Watch, Silly Name

    Posted 2010-10-21
    Fred makes a decent looking timepiece, but is highly amusing in a "lost in translation" sort of manner. The name of the brand "Fred" - which isn't new, does not exactly evoke a sense of luxury confidence to the English speaking ear. Fred watches h...