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  • Edolambo 1365490710

    EDO Competition Lamborghini LP600/4

    Posted 2009-12-29
    Alhen, Germany-based exotic auto tuner EDO Competition turns out some of the best looking tweaked supercar setups in the world. Their secret is subtlety; unlike some when it comes to automotive aesthetics their motto is “less is more”. Case in poi...
  • Edoenzo 581x400 custom 1365490525

    EDO Competition Ferrari Enzo XX

    Posted 2009-09-08
    German supercar tuning house EDO Competition has popped up here in the past thanks to artful takes on the Bentley GT Speed and Ferrari California. They've also seen fit to kick the Maserati MC12 up to 231 mph. Now the firm's making another pass a...
  • Edo 620x410 custom 1365490456

    EDO Competition Ferrari California

    Posted 2009-06-26
    As tuning houses go, Germany’s EDO Competition exercises admirable Teutonic restraint when it comes to making supercars even more super. Earlier we wrote about their Bentley GT Speed; for their latest project they’ve decided to have some disciplin...