• Eclipse11 600x360 1365491240

    Abramovich & Melnichenko’s New Me...

    Posted 2011-01-31

    Following the free-for-all his New Year’s blowout in St. Barths, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and fellow olig...

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  • Eclipsenew 1365491210

    Abramovich Finally Gets His Eclipse

    Posted 2011-01-04

    So what did you get for Christmas? We’re guessing not the world’s largest and most expensive yacht, unless your name ...

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  • Dreamship 1365491132

    Sorry, Maltese: New Dream Ship Will B...

    Posted 2010-10-15

    Just as with Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, currently the world’s largest yacht but soon to be eclipsed by Sheikh Moham...

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  • 954737 abramovich eclipse 600x337 1365491108

    Dubai Vs. Eclipse: Round Two

    Posted 2010-09-15

    Scarcely two weeks have gone by since we reported that Roman Abramovich’s gigayacht Eclipse was not quite as big as o...

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  • Eclipseop 1365491085

    Abramovich Exaggerates – Eclipse is S...

    Posted 2010-08-23

    Camper & Nicholsons, the leading international yacht broker established in 1782, has come out with its annual Sup...

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  • Jet 011 600x450 1365491056

    James Spotted: Le Grand Bleu

    Posted 2010-07-21

    While on a well-deserved break last week, a JamesList team member spotted a rather oversized vessel moored just a few...

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  • Emocean 1365490754

    Emocean Unveils 200M Gigayacht Design

    Posted 2010-01-29

    Belgian-based Emocean Yacht Design has unveiled a rendering of a 200-metre gigayacht which if completed would be the ...

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