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    Abramovich & Melnichenko’s New Megayacht Rendezvous

    Posted 2011-01-31
    Following the free-for-all his New Year’s blowout in St. Barths, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and fellow oligarch Andrei Melnichenko have motored their megayachts to Anguilla for more fun in the sun. Abramovich, who also made a stopover in...
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    Abramovich Finally Gets His Eclipse

    Posted 2011-01-04
    So what did you get for Christmas? We’re guessing not the world’s largest and most expensive yacht, unless your name happens to be Roman Abramovich. That’s right, Blohm + Voss finally delivered the 257-ft. Eclipse to his Oligarchness in time to un...
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    Sorry, Maltese: New Dream Ship Will Be World’s Largest Super Sailer

    Posted 2010-10-15
    Just as with Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, currently the world’s largest yacht but soon to be eclipsed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s Dubai, the days of the Maltese Falcon’s supremacy amongst sailing superyachts are about to come to an ...
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    Dubai Vs. Eclipse: Round Two

    Posted 2010-09-15
    Scarcely two weeks have gone by since we reported that Roman Abramovich’s gigayacht Eclipse was not quite as big as originally reported at only 533 ft. At the time we speculated that the man in second place, one Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Makto...
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    Abramovich Exaggerates – Eclipse is Smaller, Says C&N

    Posted 2010-08-23
    Camper & Nicholsons, the leading international yacht broker established in 1782, has come out with its annual Super Yachting Index evaluating the state of superyachting for the previous year. Among the features of the Index is a much-anticipat...
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    James Spotted: Le Grand Bleu

    Posted 2010-07-21
    While on a well-deserved break last week, a JamesList team member spotted a rather oversized vessel moored just a few blocks away from JL HQ - atleast when compared to most ships that turn up in our harbour. Turns out that it was Le Grand Bleu, a ...
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    Emocean Unveils 200M Gigayacht Design

    Posted 2010-01-29
    Belgian-based Emocean Yacht Design has unveiled a rendering of a 200-metre gigayacht which if completed would be the world’s largest yacht by far – eclipsing Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse (ha ha) by a whopping 30 metres. Who’s laughi...