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    Auction Watch: Rare 1928 Coventry Eagle OHV Flying-8

    Posted 2011-08-10
    What sort of motorcycle costs as much as 20 new Ducatis? A rare OHV Flying-8 made by the UK’s Coventry Eagle nearly 85 years ago. The Coventry Eagle marque began as a bicycle builder in the Victorian era, when Messrs Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek be...
  • Cigarette 42x ducati edition 2200 bhp 600x337 1365491291

    Cigarette 42X Ducati Edition on JamesList (video inside)

    Posted 2011-03-25
    A month ago, we gave you the heads-up of Cigarette's new 42 X Ducati edition racer. Cigarette has impressed us in the past with their collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, and this sleek and stripey is more than a worthy follow-up. Thanks to Maranello...
  • Ally desmosedici by elizabeth raab 600x432 1365491242

    Superbikes Meet Supermodels, Clothing Optional

    Posted 2011-02-07
    Ducati superbikes like the Desmosedici are pretty much the sexiest things on two wheels. It doesn’t take a nude supermodel draped over the handlebars to hammer that point home; then again, it can’t hurt. That seems to be the thinking behind Ducati...
  • 01 diavel 600x449 1365491164

    Ducati Unveils the Diavel

    Posted 2010-11-09
    Ducati has just whipped the dropcloth off its new Diavel, a monster-meets-cruiser aimed at capturing some of the older market growing out of sportbikes. With 162 hp, 94lb/ft of torque and a curb weight of just 210kg it’s not lacking in muscle, how...
  • Lot 358 1365491128

    Rare Racing Ducatis in Bonhams Moto Sale

    Posted 2010-10-13
    There’s something about Italian racing bikes from the ‘70s that bear the scars of hard-fought battles that’s inestimably appealing. Bedecked in the Italian national colours, scarred, heat-seared, scuffed and chipped, they’re authentic artifacts of...
  • Keira knightley chanel ad 1 1365491112

    Sexy Model Sandwich – Keira Knightley Meets the Ducati 750 SS

    Posted 2010-09-22
    For the true classic motorbike enthusiast there are few things sexier than a classic Ducati 750 Super Sport. One of those things however is undoubtedly the sight of Keira Knightley straddling one. Make that Keira Knightley in a skintight leather c...
  • 848 evo 3 600x399 1365491061

    Ducati Unveils the 848 EVO

    Posted 2010-07-27
    For 2011 Ducati has upped the stakes on is middleweight superbike, the 848, boosting the horsepower to 140 on its Testastretta engine, enough to claim the ‘most powerful bike in its class’ title thanks to an impressive power-to-weight ratio. All n...
  • Columbus riviera motorcycle tour 4 600x450 1365491047

    No Hassle Hogs from Columbus

    Posted 2010-07-12
    We're always trying to avoid having stuff on JamesList that's perceivable as run-of-the-mill. There'd be no point in trying to collect all the luxurious goodies that are scattered online and around the world if you all of a sudden have a motor...
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    Ducati Desmosedici RR2 Supercar Concept

    Posted 2010-05-28
    We’ve heard a lot about Ferrari and Lamborghini superbike concepts, so why not a Ducati supercar? Designer Anthony Collard has come up with a vision for the thing as an entry in a motorworks contest, and dubbed it the Desmosedici RR2. The carbon f...
  • Rever corsa ducati 2jpg 65 594x452 custom 1365490573

    Rever Corsa Ducati 1198 Nero

    Posted 2009-10-07
    As superbikes go, the Ducati 1198 Strada leaves little to be desired, bit as we've seen with those who find endless room for improvement even when it comes to the latest Ferrari, there's always someone who desires a little more. Enter US-based mot...