• Cid f01468e3 a3b7 4ef9 a9d4 c9f61f17e4b9 600x470 1365491429

    Auction Watch: Rare 1928 Coventry Eag...

    Posted 2011-08-10

    What sort of motorcycle costs as much as 20 new Ducatis? A rare OHV Flying-8 made by the UK’s Coventry Eagle nearly...

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  • Cigarette 42x ducati edition 2200 bhp 600x337 1365491291

    Cigarette 42X Ducati Edition on James...

    Posted 2011-03-25

    A month ago, we gave you the heads-up of Cigarette's new 42 X Ducati edition racer. Cigarette has impressed us in the...

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  • Ally desmosedici by elizabeth raab 600x432 1365491242

    Superbikes Meet Supermodels, Clothing...

    Posted 2011-02-07

    Ducati superbikes like the Desmosedici are pretty much the sexiest things on two wheels. It doesn’t take a nude super...

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  • 01 diavel 600x449 1365491164

    Ducati Unveils the Diavel

    Posted 2010-11-09

    Ducati has just whipped the dropcloth off its new Diavel, a monster-meets-cruiser aimed at capturing some of the olde...

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  • Lot 358 1365491128

    Rare Racing Ducatis in Bonhams Moto Sale

    Posted 2010-10-13

    There’s something about Italian racing bikes from the ‘70s that bear the scars of hard-fought battles that’s inestima...

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  • Keira knightley chanel ad 1 1365491112

    Sexy Model Sandwich – Keira Knightley...

    Posted 2010-09-22

    For the true classic motorbike enthusiast there are few things sexier than a classic Ducati 750 Super Sport. One of t...

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  • 848 evo 3 600x399 1365491061

    Ducati Unveils the 848 EVO

    Posted 2010-07-27

    For 2011 Ducati has upped the stakes on is middleweight superbike, the 848, boosting the horsepower to 140 on its Tes...

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  • Columbus riviera motorcycle tour 4 600x450 1365491047

    No Hassle Hogs from Columbus

    Posted 2010-07-12

    We're always trying to avoid having stuff on JamesList that's perceivable as run-of-the-mill. There'd be no point...

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  • Ducaticar 600x383 1365490976

    Ducati Desmosedici RR2 Supercar Concept

    Posted 2010-05-28

    We’ve heard a lot about Ferrari and Lamborghini superbike concepts, so why not a Ducati supercar? Designer Anthony Co...

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  • Rever corsa ducati 2jpg 65 594x452 custom 1365490573

    Rever Corsa Ducati 1198 Nero

    Posted 2009-10-07

    As superbikes go, the Ducati 1198 Strada leaves little to be desired, bit as we've seen with those who find endless r...

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  • Sport 1000 s 11 1365490517

    Ducati Sport 1000 S

    Posted 2009-08-31

    I have certain requirements when it comes to the motorbikes making it into my stable; the first one being spoked whee...

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  • Dsc 03811 jvbvc 12 1365490433

    Ducati Monster Christian Audigier Edi...

    Posted 2009-06-09

    French fashion designer Christian Audigier delights in doing truly horrible things to motor vehicles. First he impose...

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