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    DMC Milano: A masterpiece coming together?

    Posted 2011-04-02
    Westphalia's DMC is still running a tight ship as far as letting information out on their awaited take on the Ferrari 458 Italia, dubbed the "DMC Milano", having initially stolen our hearts with the Quattro Veloce last year. So far, we haven't got...
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    Porsche Sturm: DMC bites into Panamera

    Posted 2011-03-16
    DMC is quickly becoming the Clint Eastwood (director era) of tuning houses, effortlessly cranking out low key hit after hit without making much fuzz like it's just another day at the office. While we're still watering our mouths for their take on...
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    DMC Ferrari 458 Italia sneak peak

    Posted 2011-02-07
    Little by little, pictures are leaking out of DMC's upcoming styling kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia. Thus far, all we've gotten is a diffuser, but it's more than enough to get us riled up. Ferrari seemingly has recovered from the bad press that su...
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    Maserati GT Grande Sovrano kit by DMC on James

    Posted 2010-11-21
    DMC are always on top of things. Maserati's new GranTurismo MC Stradale, showcased at this year's Paris Motor Show, hasn't even come out yet, but that is no obstacle for the Westphalian tuning company. DMC now unveil their Grande Sovrano ("Great R...
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    DMC unveils "Surfista" Ferrari California package

    Posted 2010-11-04
    With the already famous Rolls-Royce Numero Uno and the Lamborghini Quattro Veloce under their belt, Westphalia's finest DMC (website here) keep hitting homeruns. They've now returned to Italy where they've gone to work on the Ferrari California, a...
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    Lambo tuners DMC upgrades MTI powerboat for Gargiulo (video inside)

    Posted 2010-09-06
    JamesList favorites DMC first caught our attention with their aggressive take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost last winter, but the news of their "Quattro Veloce" package for the Lamborghini Murciélago might perhaps be what turned most people's heads back...
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    DMC Quattro Veloce Lambo to be shown at Paris showroom

    Posted 2010-07-30
    In May, we exlusively unveiled the Quattro Veloce kit for the Lamborghini Murciélago from DMC. The Westphalian tuner had previously gotten its hands dirty with its take on the Rolls-Rolls Ghost last winter, and while the latest news don't entail a...
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    Lamborghini Murciélago "Quattro Veloce" by DMC on James

    Posted 2010-05-19
    Back in December, we told you about the "Numero Uno", the aggressive take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost by Düsseldorf-based tuning firm DMC. This time around, the German company has set its sights on the country which it so often has come to revisit - ...