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    Jewelry Trend Forecast by Trendvision

    Posted 2017-10-12
    Sometimes, trends are created overnight. But there is also extensive research happening in order to be able to predict what is going to be ‘in fashion’ during the upcoming seasons, providing jewelers, buyers and consumers with valuable insight. Fo...
  • 10 carat marquise cut gia diamond engagement ring with trillions 1487069285

    How to Purchase a Diamond Engagement Ring

    Posted 2017-02-14
    Buying an engagement ring is one of the more exciting and fun aspects of planning a wedding. To make sure the ring is worthy of both the love and expense, the buyer should know a few things before purchasing one, especially if it is adorned by a d...
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    The Luxury of Colored Diamonds

    Posted 2012-10-18
    When is a diamond not really a diamond? When it is a natural fancy color diamond. Ten thousand times rarer than your typical colorless diamond, there are many reasons why fancy color diamonds are the preserve of the rich, famous, and well informed...
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    Graff GraffStar Grande Date With Diamonds Watch

    Posted 2011-10-04
    My first question to Graff at this point would be "why do all of your watch names also have to include the word 'Graff?" You can see exactly what I mean in the Graff GraffStar  Grande Date watch name. The watches are nice, and this model is no exc...
  • Fj diamonds watch 1365491213

    Frederic Jouvenot Automatic Chronograph Evolution Diamond Watch

    Posted 2011-01-11
    A good looking watch that is technically interesting and successful will often times end up being dressed up in precious stones. Why? Well it is a natural reaction to want to offer a more expensive version of a watch that has appeal to many people...
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    Got £599,000? Get a Suit

    Posted 2010-06-26
    Do you have a lot of money but wish that people knew it? You could donate a lot of money to charity publicly, perhaps, or you could get a yacht, a luxury car, or a mansion. You could conspicuously leave your financials out for a prospective date t...
  • Rolex datejust ugly 1365490857

    Dark Side Of The Rolex Datejust Watch

    Posted 2010-03-30
    The world of Rolex modification is very alive and well. A big industry that spans most watch loving countries. For decades, people have been altering Rolex watches in order to make them more unique or more expensive looking - often by adding any n...
  • Graff mastergraff tourbillon watch 1365490787

    Graff MasterGraff Tourbillon Limited Edition Full Pave Watch

    Posted 2010-02-16
    My fascination with Graff watches began a while ago when I first saw their diamond shrouded timepieces. These watches are as rare as a Graff boutiques. Or perhaps this is just my obviously untraveled observation as I have only seen Graff locations...
  • Dior christalsertie 1365490613

    Ambiguous Dior Christal 42mm Automatic Watches

    Posted 2009-10-29
    There are unisex watches, and then there are ambiguous watches. Unisex watches are meant to be suitable in style and size for both men and women. Unisex is a term often often applied to a watch that a watch maker wants to appeal to mostly women, b...
  • Rolex oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona diamond 1 1365490428

    The Bling Is Back: 2009 Rolex Daytona White Gold With Diamonds

    Posted 2009-06-07
    Oh Rolex, how swiftly you bounce from impressive diving tools to fashion watches. The new Sea Dweller Deep Sea was a beautiful thing with the fit and finish a king could enjoy. Then you gave us new Submariners and a larger Datejust, and now you re...