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    Land Rover Defender X-Tech Ltd.

    Posted 2011-02-15
    If you live in the States than you’re already painfully aware of a major deficiency in Land Rover’s distribution – the iconic Defender isn’t available there. Exactly why that should be the case we’ve never really been able to determine; the model ...
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    Own a piece of Bristolian aristocracy

    Posted 2010-02-02
    A quintessentially 1980's red sports car has turned up on JamesList. The V8 Vantage, originally introduced in 1977, was hailed as the first British supercar (the top speed being 170 mph, an impressive feat at the time - not to mention the market-l...
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    Freezer Burn: Land Rover Defender Fire & Ice

    Posted 2009-06-11
    Land Rover's classic Defender has been largely immune to the vagaries of the luxury SUV market over the past six decades - until now. The company just unveiled its new Fire & Ice editions, with odd little upgrades that are bound to make Land R...