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    How to spend your PowerBall winnings Part 1

    Posted 2016-01-09
    With the US Lottery this evening rolling over at a whooping $800 million, the main question for the lucky winner will be ‘How do I spend all of this cash’? Instead of saving it for your kids, we’d like to provide a two part JamesEdition guide to s...
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    Top 5 Jets for Business Travel

    Posted 2013-11-05
    As I sat down for a chat with executives from some of the top aircraft manufacturers, brokerage firms and charter companies, one thing that really became clear is that regardless of what type of client they represented or how large a budget they h...
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    Dassault Falcon 7X for sale on JamesList

    Posted 2009-11-17
    Dassault is one of the real giants in the aircraft industry, having had great success in the business jet market as well as both the military and the commercial airliner markets. Anyone who has a soft spot for tales of obstacles overcome will f...