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    JamesList 2009 Year in Review, part 2

    Posted 2010-01-08
    Welcome to the second part of our summary of 2009. If you missed the first part, click here. In this segment, the James Spotting staff share some of their favorite items that turned up on JamesList during 2009. Do you have a favorite toy that didn...
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    JamesList Exclusive: Setting the record straight with help from an expert

    Posted 2009-11-01
    In some for matters in life, it's always best to bring in an outside expert. Like those old 1990s court dramas, where the entire outcome of the case would depend on a psychiatrist who may or may not have slept with the defendant's counsel in a leg...
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    Daniel Craig tale of treachery continues

    Posted 2009-10-25
    The fantastic Mr Ehrlich over at Jake’s Rolex blog (a must for any Rolex nutter) recently unveiled the next step in Daniel Craig’s masterplan to annoy the hell out of Omega. Treachery is a bit too harsh of a term, but the alliteration appealed to...