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    JamesEdition's favorite second homes in southern Europe

    Posted 2016-07-26
    We are in the middle of the summer, and we could not think about something better than the south of Europe in order to have a home away from home. You will assure a perfect destination with good weather and amazing food together with the gentlenes...
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    The Sunshine State – Florida, USA

    Posted 2016-06-20
    The southern most state of the U.S. is one of the best locations in the world for travellers to blow off steam and truly enjoy your holiday. With amazing locations spanning from the North bordering the state of Alabama where you can experience unt...
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    Euro 2016 Soccer and Some of the Best Homes Nearby

    Posted 2016-05-31
    The biggest football/ soccer tournament of Europe is taking place in between the 10th of June and the 10th of July 2016 where 24 countries in 6 separate groups will face each other during a 31-day long ordeal, the race towards being the champion o...
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    Hawaii Real Estate: Second and Third Home Buyers In Hawaii

    Posted 2016-04-26
    Among emerging trends shown in recent studies of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) real-estate buyers the increase in private jet travel and the resulting access to more remote locations may be the game-changer. As it becomes easier to travel directly t...
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    Buying A Second (Or Third) Home in La Jolla, California

    Posted 2016-03-29
    The original name for La Jolla was La Jolla By-The-Sea. And unlike many high-end resort villages in Southern California, La Jolla was always considered a kind of artistic village sanctuary. San Diego, its closest city neighbor by 12 miles, had bus...
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    On the Market: Week 9

    Posted 2016-03-04
    JamesEdition is proud to present some of the most extraordinary and rare items on the market from around the world. Indulge and browse and find your next extraordinary item below or by browsing JamesEdition. This week we've selected 4 of our most ...
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    Buying And Living In Los Cabos, Mexico

    Posted 2016-02-23
    The resort town of Cabo San Lucas, meaning Cape of St. Luke, is named for the slender cape-like peninsula, extending east from Baja's southernmost tip. For centuries, it was a small, sleepy fishing village, inhabited by the peaceful Pericu Indians...
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    On The Market: Week 7

    Posted 2016-02-17
      JamesEdition is proud to present some of the finest properties on the market from around the world. Indulge and browse and find your next property below or by searching JamesEdition. To kickstart this new series we've selected 4 astonishing hom...
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    Sublime craftsmanship from world recognized artist Helmut Wolf

    Posted 2016-02-03
    We often come across extremely beautiful cars and stunning mansions but we very rarely have the privilege to experience enhanced natural perfection.  At first glance it is hard to comprehend the sheer dedication and man-hours behind this one-of...
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    Luxury Ski and Mountain Homes: Park City, Utah

    Posted 2016-01-26
    Park City Utah’s historic roots have always been mingled with wealth. In the 1860’s, it was a boomtown, as the Wasatch Mountains above Park City yielded over $400 million in silver, and created many millionaires. But these were mining millionaires...