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    Cigarette 39 Top Gun Edition on James (video inside)

    Posted 2011-04-15
    Maranello's back with another beastly Cigarette, following up from last month's Ducati collaboration, dubbed Top Gun Unlimited. If the bold advertising hasn't won you over, its twin Mercury engines boast horsepower of  a fierce 662, with optional ...
  • Cigarette 42x ducati edition 2200 bhp 600x337 1365491291

    Cigarette 42X Ducati Edition on JamesList (video inside)

    Posted 2011-03-25
    A month ago, we gave you the heads-up of Cigarette's new 42 X Ducati edition racer. Cigarette has impressed us in the past with their collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, and this sleek and stripey is more than a worthy follow-up. Thanks to Maranello...
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    Get a feel of the Benz SLS AMG boat at Düsseldorf

    Posted 2011-01-18
    One the last year's biggest success stories was the 46-foot speedboat Rider XP from Cigarette, the sleek powerhouse designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz in homage to the marque's SLS AMG. She's the only powerboat available with the all-new...
  • Slsaamgboatop 1365491078

    Hit the Water in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cigarette Boat for €900,000

    Posted 2010-08-13
    Back in February we told you about plans for a Cigarette powerboat designed in homage to the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Now the killer craft is in the water, and you can pick one up right here on JamesList for a cool €900,000 via Maranello Marine ...
  • Inspired by amg cigarette racing boat 100306592 l 600x399 1365490800

    Smoking Cigarette Based on a Benz

    Posted 2010-02-23
    A brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG might be enough of a prize for some folk, but others aren’t so easily satisfied. Hence the new Cigarette 46-foot Rider, a $1 million custom racing boat inspired by the supercar designed by Mercedes in collaboratio...