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  • Ferrari 458 challenge racer large official 600x399 1365491056

    Ferrari Unveils 458 Italia Challenge

    Posted 2010-07-21
    To tell the truth we’re a little underwhelmed by the styling of Ferrari’s new 458 Italia (as indeed we were by the California and 599 GTB); variations on a less-than-stunning theme, none of them pack the visual punch of the F430. The 458 is suppos...
  • Corum admirals cup gmt 44 watch 1365490445

    Nicely Done Corum Admiral’s Cup GMT 44 Challenge Watch

    Posted 2009-06-18
    Interested in a GMT watch? Want something a bit different but still classic in layout and function? A great choice is the Corum Admiral's Cup GMT 44 Challenge watch line. The "44" regards the size of the 12-sided steel case that is 44mm wide. The ...