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    IAA 2017

    Posted 2017-09-14
    From today, 14th of September until the 24th of September the IAA in Frankfurt am Main opens its doors to introduce the newest concepts and cars. Even though Rolls-Royce and Tesla will not be taking part in the exhibition, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and P...
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    The Grand Tour S01E09

    Posted 2017-01-09
    Berks to the Future. Welcome back to the 9th episode of The Grand Tour: Berks to the Future is released last Friday the 6th of January on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from the hometown of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz: Stuttgart, Germany. ...
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    Porsche to Debut Cajun SUV in 2013

    Posted 2010-12-14
    Just as the Cayman is an entry level Porsche – a gateway drug to the 911, so to speak – the German’s marque’s just-announced new Cajun SUV will bear the same relation to the Cayenne. The Cajun – a “working title” and one we hope they improve on – ...
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    The first electric Cayenne is a real head scratcher

    Posted 2009-12-13
    German tuning company RUF, who made their name when they released an electric version of the 911, are currently making headlines with their new effort, the eRUF "Stormster", the first electric variant of the Porsche Cayenne. The eco-friendly car i...
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    Who Loves Porsche? I do...

    Posted 2009-05-06
    With Porsche taking yet another step away from the sports car scene and into the executive limousine branch, the world of automakers is holding its collective breath. The Cayenne, whatever you may think of it, has so far been a tremendous succes...